At what altitude above the sea level lies the camping?

It lies at 1.050 mt asl.

Which is the distance between Predazzo and the camping?

Our camping is situated 2 km from Predazzo. To reach the centre of the village you can take the little road train, walk or go by bike.

Are dogs permitted?

Yes, they are. Please read the regulation to know how to behave with them in the camping area.

What kind of power connection is offered?

The outlets are the European, blue ones. 6 ampere are available.

Are reservations allowed?

Reservations are necessary during the high season. Reservations are less important, but always well-accepted, during the low and mid-season.

Can we reserve a specific pitch?

You can ask for a specific kind of pitch – mini/standard/maxi – but not a specific number of pitch. Anyway, you can add the number of your favourite pitch to your reservation, but we cannot guarantee that the pitch you’ve asked for will be available.

What time must the pitches be left by?

All pitches must be left by 12:00 p.m. of the day of your departure. The total bill must be paid the day of your departure.

Is there a wireless internet connection in the camping, and how much does it cost?

The free wireless connection covers almost the entire camping area.

Are the pitches shaded?

Not every pitch is shaded, but you can ask for the kind of shade you want in your reservation. The management office will try to satisfy your needs, to the extent possible.

Which are the temperatures both during the daytime and the nighttime?

Our camping is situated in a very green valley and near a water stream. During the summer the temperature can rise up to 25/30 Celsius degrees (it is ventilated) and 15/20 Celsius degrees during the night. In spring and autumn, the temperature lowers a bit – 18/22 Celsius degrees during the day and 8/12 Celsius degrees during the night.Those data are based on probability.

Are we allowed to have a BBQ in our pitch?

In the pitch, BBQ is forbidden. There, you can only use electric or gas BBQs. Who wants to use the charcoal, there are some areas in the caming where you are allowed to.

Can I rent a bike?

Yes, you can. In our rental shop there are electric bikes, too.

Can I position a tent in the pitch near my camper or caravan?

Yes, you can if in the pitch there is enough available space. But if the space for the vehicle gets limited, you must pay an extra.

Do we need to separate the collection of rubbish in the camping?

Yes, you do. Recycling is compulsory and, for this reason, when you arrive at our camping you will receive specific materials to make it correctly.

Must we pay a visitors’ tax?

Yes, you must. Since 2016 the visitors’ tax must be paid, but in Val di Fiemme it is replaced by the Fiemme-motion Guest Card offering many services and activities for free.

Can we pay by credit card?

Yes, you can.

Is your facility barrier-free?

In our camping the toilets are accessible by disabled persons and all our facilities are barrier-free.